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Administrative Law and Tribunal work

hammer-719066_1280Administrative tribunals determine  many day to day disputes in a very wide range of areas.  Almost every profession, whether doctors, nurses, teachers, regulated health professionals, lawyers, engineers, and others, are governed by their respective  professional bodies or colleges. When an allegation of professional misconduct arises  the person must answer before a tribunal to determine what consequences, if any, are to flow from the offence.  Boards may discipline, suspend, or even permanently bar the person from practice.  Of course, a hearing may also determine that no wrong doing has occurred, and the person may be cleared.

Tribunals operate in other areas of everyday life as well.  If you have a child in school who encounters a disciplinary issue a committee drawn from the school board trustees will hear the case and determine what, if any, disciplinary consequences are appropriate.  If you being denied entry into a regulated profession there can be appeals made to the College’s tribunal.  University students who are subject to academic disciplinary proceedings or who seek to challenge an academic evaluation will also end up before a university appeal tribunal.

All such regulatory and disciplinary tribunals are governed by the Statutory Powers and Procedures Act, which requires that they conduct their proceedings in accordance with certain minimum standards of  procedural fairness and accountability.  If the tribunal fails to follow these standards their decisions may be subject to Judicial Review.  While the rules of evidence and procedure are not the same as they are in a true Court of Law tribunals cannot decide cases without adherence to these basic rules.

The lawyers at Lo Greco Stilman LLP have over 20 years of experience representing individuals before licensing boards, administrative tribunals, and educational bodies.  We have been successful for our clients in preventing the revocation of their licences, avoiding disciplinary sanctions, gaining admittance into their chosen professional fields, and assisting students within the public system and universities when facing academic charges.  If you or someone you know requires legal representation before a licensing Board or Administrative Tribunal contact us today at 416-488-4110 or toll-free at 1-855-296-3191 or email us at