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Discreetly Unwind Your Financial Matters

office-336368_1280An alternative to litigation is collaborative divorce. This process focuses on obtaining a timely and fair resolution while keeping personal divorce details out of the courts and the media. Ensure your family business, professional practice and ventures continue to prosper without interference of divorce and court proceedings. We encourage clients to be involved in the process to make solid, long-term decisions, maximize privacy and minimize costs.

Safeguarding and sustaining your financial well-being is a vital aspect of successfully moving forward after the breakdown of your marriage or common-law and marriage like relationship.

Comprehensive legal advice regarding the division of Ontario family property, excluded property and division of family debts is particularly critical for individuals with multi-faceted, high-value personal, family, and business or professional holdings.

We’re expertly versed in the intricacies of the Ontario Family Law Act related to Ontario family property and excluded property and debt division. We’ll strategically guide you through the process of identifying which Ontario family assets and liabilities are most likely to be deemed included and excluded in your settlement and help you value your family property and excluded property at the start and end of your relationship.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we’ll assist you in navigating such complex financial matters as assessing capital gains, pension entitlements, income tax implications, spousal contributions and more related to the acquisition and/or appreciation of assets and liabilities during the course of your spousal relationship.

Ensuring family property is not hidden or disposed of and ensuring business and professional ventures are not impaired from success during or after a marriage breakdown is also a primary focus of our Ontario family property division services, and we’re highly experienced in the division of worldwide family property holdings.

Ontario family property division and debt resolution can be accomplished either by negotiated agreement or through the courts. Our goal is to steward you along the path best-suited to your unique family circumstances, to help you reduce costs, optimize your financial health, minimize conflict and move forward to a fruitful life following your separation or divorce, free from bitterness and regret.

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