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Fraud and Credit Card Offences

money-256314_1280Debit and Credit card fraud is an increasingly common offence. Persons charged with these offences are usually members of a sophisticated network of individuals working together. Credit or Debit card information is collected by Point of Sale card readers which have been tampered with, and the PIN codes of the card-holders are recorded surreptiously at the time of the sales transaction. Blank cards are then encoded with the stolen data, and either used at ATMs to withdraw cash from the victim’s bank account, or to generate counterfeit credit cards for use in stores.

If you are charged with an offence like this then you will need the effective assistance of a lawyer. With each passing year the Courts in Ontario are imposing harsher and harsher sentences for this type of offence. Imprisonment is now the norm, whereas just a few years ago people received discharges and probationary sentences for these types of offences.

In Credit/Debit fraud cases it is necessary for the prosecution to assemble all sorts of documentary evidence in order to prove that the information encoded on the fraudulent card actually corresponds to another person’s account. Bank personnel will need to come to court to prove all of this. Very often, when a case goes to trial, it turns out that this evidence was not properly collected and the prosecution is unable to prove its case.  Other times there may be legitimate questions regarding the manner in which a person was arrested, searched, and processed.

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