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Cannabis Licensing in Ontario

If you are thinking about applying for a Cannabis Retail licence you will need to consult with the right lawyers

In order to sell cannabis you will have to comply with federal, provincial, and municipal laws. The Cannabis Act (federal) and the Cannabis Control Act (Ontario) govern how weed is to be produced and distributed.  Local municipalities can effect by-laws impacting on how or where you can operate your business.

In Ontario, rather than proceeding with an LCBO-model government monopoly for the retailing of weed, individual entrepreneurs will be able to  apply for a distribution licence. The process is administered by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  You will need to satisfy strict licensing requirements and satisfy a large set of legal criteria before you can open up your business.

The lawyers at Lo Greco Stilman LLP can provide you with the assistance and expertise you need to get your application through this complex process. We can support you with the application, challenge the licencing bureau if your application is denied, and further assist you with all the commercial requirements of getting a business up and running- from leasing needs, to zoning bylaw compliance, and incorporation.  One-stop shopping to set up this exciting new business.

Call us today to get the application process started, and stay ahead of your retail competition.

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