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Domestic Assault

You have been in a relationship with someone for years. Like any other couple you and your partner have a disagreement one day.

Voices are raised, maybe some items are tossed around, someone gets physical, or perhaps you have to repell a minor physical attack on you.

But the police have been called. The Police have only one option in how to deal with this: lay a criminal charge of assault. No matter that the police were called to the house simply to calm things down.

Now you are facing criminal charges: Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Threatening. You will be prohibitted from returning to your home as a condition of your release from custody. You will not be allowed to have any contact with your spouse, and perhaps even with your children.

You will need the services of experienced legal counsel to navigate you through this domestic disaster.

Quick action can get the bail conditions changed so that you and your partner can resume a normal relationship, get you back home, or see your children again.  And that’s just the beginning.  You will still need to defend these charges in court in order to avoid a conviction.

Don’t forget: this is a Criminal Charge. Failure to properly defend these charges will result in a Criminal conviction being on your record- this will impact your job, your access to your children, and even your ability to travel.

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