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SCC ruling notes problem people of colour have with police

The Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision to set aside a man’s gun- and drug-related convictions because he was arbitrarily detained and searched is another reminder to police about the need to respect people’s rights, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman.

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Forcillo appeal decision doesn’t alter law around police force

By Jacob Stilman . On July 27, 2013, Const. James Forcillo of the Toronto Police confronted Sammy Yatim, who was armed with a knife, yelling in a threatening manner, while standing alone inside an immobile streetcar. Forcillo shot Yatim three times, striking him in the heart and severing his spine with two of the shots. Yatim fell to the floor of the streetcar mortally wounded. But Forcillo was not done. He paused for 5.5 seconds and then shot Mr. Yatim six more times.

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The intersection of criminal and family law

When serious allegations of assault, sexual assault or threatening are made in the midst of a separation or divorce, it can be a difficult obstacle for the accused to overcome when custody and access are at stake, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman.

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