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Man acquitted in alleged US$650-million scam

A Toronto man has been acquitted of all charges after he was accused of being one of several individuals behind an alleged US$650-million fraud against a major Canadian bank, says his counsel, Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman.

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OCA vindicates woman who suffered from PTSD, domestic abuse

Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman says the Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) has vindicated a woman he represented at trial, acquitting her of all drug charges after it agreed the lower-court judge failed to provide the jury with the tools it needed to reach a proper verdict. Toronto Sun

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Liberals’ move to drop niqab ban a progressive sign

Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman says the Liberal government’s decision to abandon Ottawa’s legal pursuit of a ban on niqabs at citizenship swearing-in ceremonies is an indication that the new administration will be more respectful of Charter values.

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A.G. Ontario v. Kittiwake Sailboat: Civil Forfeiture hits a reef

By Jacob Stilman . A recent decision of the Superior Court of Ontario has thrown some much needed cold water on the Attorney General’s increasing abuse of the Civil Remedies Act, a particularly nasty piece of legislation that has bestowed broad powers upon the government to seize real property and chattels from individuals who are suspected of criminal activity.

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