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Gov’t niqab opposition undermines core Canadian freedoms

By Jacob Stilman . In yet another resounding defeat for the Conservatives, the Federal Court of Appeal in Ishaq v. Canada summarily dismissed an appeal by the government of the lower court decision that had declared unconstitutional the attempt by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to prohibit niqab-wearing women from taking the Oath of Citizenship.

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Cultural factors not mitigating on sentence

By Jacob Stilman . A recent decision of the Court of Appeal ought to put to rest, once and for all, any notion that cultural factors can serve to mitigate sentences in cases of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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New law on record-check information a good first step

By Jacob Stilman . When a new client comes to see me, despondent and dismayed to be facing the prospect of a criminal conviction, and seeking guidance as to how to navigate the rocky shoals of our criminal justice system, I often describe the process in these terms:

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Stilman suggests undercover officer befriended accused

Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman has suggested to the court that the drug investigation that ensnared Rob Ford’s friend and a drycleaner during the crack-tape scandal was based on a deception involving an undercover Toronto police officer who became friends with one of the accused, reports CBC, Globe and Mail , Toronto Star , and National Post.

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Lawyer’s arrest inside courthouse an ‘egregious’ display of police behaviour

By Jacob Stilman . Here’s a question for everyone: when was the last time a police officer was arrested for an alleged offence, and I mean arrested – apprehended in the middle of the work day, hand-cuffed to the back, in front of colleagues, the public, the press, “perp-walked,” and stuffed into a waiting police cruiser for the benefit of all onlookers?

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Because you can never have too much jail…

By Jacob Stilman . How appropriate that the Super Bowl is coming up. Once again, like a well-practiced football team, the Conservative government is breaking out its playbook and going with its favourite scoring set piece: the old “let’s-get-tough-on-crime” touchdown pass.

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