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Slip and Fall Accidents

Involved in a slip and fall accident? We’ll help you establish the cause of your injury.

Slip and fall accidents should be reported to the occupier and a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. There is a limited window for filing such cases and deadlines depend on whether your injury occurred on private or public property. Our lawyers then hire and consult with experts to analyze your injury and the factors that led to it. We must determine:

  1. That the probable cause of injury was due to a breach of the occupier’s duty
  2. That a hazardous condition existed on the premises
  3. That the occupier knew or should have known of the hazard within a reasonable period of time to have taken action
  4. That the injury was plausible and could’ve been anticipated prior to the accident

We want what’s right for you after your slip and fall accident.

Our personal injury lawyers work with top medical professionals to diagnose your injuries and review the conditions of the property where it occurred. It’s important we know everything about your injury so we can protect your rights and so you can receive appropriate damages, including:

  1. Non-pecuniary general damages (for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of amenities)
  2. Future and present loss of income
  3. Loss of competitive advantage
  4. Loss of household and handyman capacity

We are personal injury lawyers who understand, who care, who are here to help.

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